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Hello, I'm Jackie.

I have no idea how long I've been this way but now I've started to notice it 'cause those "Stop being so paranoid!" comments are getting to me. I'm paranoid about using other bathrooms besides my own, I think I'm gonna accidently clog the toilet or something o.O I can't eat in front of people, and when I do, I cover my mouth, like I eat like a rodent so people dont see my mouth. I also have a huge fear of dieing. I dont know why. I get nervous walking down streets cause I think I'll be a victim of a drive by.(And I live in a little town in Wisconsin!) I'm paranoid about going downstairs after it gets dark. I have a feeling someone is lurking around down there waiting for me to grab my midnight snack and then kill me x_x When I think, erm, well, thoughts whether they're dirty or violent, I keep thinking someone is reading my thoughts and I try to switch the subject in my mind. I always feel like someone is watching me, or someone is with me so I always play music so I dont hear things. I kept thinking my friends are talking bad things about me behind my back. It's very hard for me to trust people. My friends steal alot and want me to, but I feel like I'm gonna be the unlucky one and get caught. I have more but this is getting long.

If thats not paranoia, I'm sorry cause I just know there's something wrong with me and people describe me as paranoid.
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