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some shit

if i'm skinny i'll lose my sex. SHIT. i'm not skinny at all. i'll never lose my sex and it's shit.
my mind - blessed or cursed to have it? i dunno. i'm suffering of any thought but i can't imagine myself being a silly barbie-girl. oh. it's such a shit!
i try to do anything, try to work hard, try to be better. but i always fail. again and again. i'm failing all my shitty life through. i can't achieve anything. i'm losing every battle i start. i'm sinking in shit. i hate my life, i hate myself, i hate everything 'cos it's all shit. i open my eyes and i see shit, i talk to some people and the only thing i hear is shit, i'm doing something and i get shit as a result of hard work, i think of the world i live in and i have shit in my mind.
maybe, the reason of it isn't shit.
maybe, it's not my paranoia.
maybe, the reason is that... i'm shit.
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